WriteyDesk Birchwood Finish WriteyDesk Birchwood Finish

WriteyDesk Birchwood Finish

€422,74 (Incl. VAT)

WriteyDesk is the new sleek, dry erase desk that you can write on and erase on!

Our latest project at WriteyBoard was to optimize the very workstation you spend the majority of your day. Over two years in development, the WriteyDesk brings the versatility and clarity of a whiteboard to the place where you do most of your thinking: your desk. The most striking feature is the entire top surface is a dry-erase playground. What makes this desk so unique is you don't have to sacrifice wooden aesthetics for a dry erase desk. That's right, a desktop that looks like a natural birchwood desk but it's 100% dry erase-able. Jot down phone numbers, brainstorms, vagrant thoughts, quadratic equations & of course important reminders.

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61 x 122 x 75 cm (24 x 48 in), €422.74.
76 x 152 x 75 cm (30 x 60 in), €528.43.


  • 100% Dry Erase Surface (white or birchwood veneer) 
  • Ergonomic Height 74.93 cm
  • Modern Chasis Z-legs
  • Stability Support (leg attachment)
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