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WriteyBoard whiteboard paint

WriteyBoard whiteboard paint is the most radical whiteboard paint out there. With just one, simple coat your wall is transformed into a dry erase surface that isn’t bound by borders or manufacturing restrictions. How big you want to go is up to you, your imagination is the final frontier. WriteyBoard dry erase paint is available in either classic white or a transparent dry erase coating.

Whiteboard paint

Unlike competitors, that sell you a bewildering 2-part paint product that leaves you confused from the get go, WriteyBoard dry erase board paint is plain and simple: One can. One whiteboard. No mixing of this can and that can, just pour and paint. Within 72 hours you have a beautiful, modern, whiteboard that reflects amiably on your sense of being a trend setter. Write from floor to ceiling door way to door way all for a price a fraction that of traditional whiteboards found in classrooms.

WriteyBoard whiteboard paint is an influential, contemporary modernization to the lecture hall whiteboards that haven’t changed in decades. No more sharp edges to catch your hip bone on. Unleash your true potential with this dry erase board paint. It is the seamless integration of wall and whiteboard. So go ahead and write on the walls, you won’t get in trouble this time, we promise.

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