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WriteyBoard dry erase accessories

WriteyBoard and whiteboard accessories go together like Donald Trump and Toupées. WriteyBoard dry erase board accessories go great with any dry erase surface! We’ve gathered all the whiteboard accessories you’ll need to get the job done. From paint prep kits to eraser cloths we’re the one stop dry erase shop.


WriteyBoard dry erase markers will never ghost or stain your WriteyBoard. Similar to how we’ve revolutionized the traditional dry erase board, we’ve taken strides to improve the pens that are used on whiteboards.

Refillable Dry Erase

Our specialty formulated dry erase markers feature a brilliantly rich color that wipes away clean with a swipe of any cleaning fabric of your choosing. On top of the ink quality we’ve also made our markers refillable. You heard correct, a refillable dry erase marker. With a hallow shell and a quick fill cartridge you can lock n’ load faster than it took you to read this sentence. Refillable markers from writeyboard are eco-friendly and work effective on any dry erase surface.

NEON liquid chalk markers

Amazing brilliant with an amazing fluorescent hue, NEON Liquid chalk markers from WriteyBoard give you the freedom to express yourself on virtually any non-porous surface. WriteyBoard NEON applies to more than just writeyboard surfaces: Glass, plastic, sealed ceramic, metal and much more can all be brought to life with NEON liquid chalk markers. These bold dry erase board accessories come in a super variety 8 pack that will give contrast to every impression you want to share. Get ready, doodling, thinking, planning and organizing just got a luminous twist.

Paint Kit

The paint kit from WriteyBoard includes a mohair roller, roller frame, painter tape, paint tray, a pair of gloves, 4-pack of dry erase markers, spray cleaner and eraser cloth. All this for a fraction of the cost it would cost you to buy all these items individually.

Spray cleaner & erasers

Our spray cleaner combines a very mild mixture of cleaning ingredients to remove the toughest of stubborn dry erase marks. Sometimes we neglect to clean our whiteboards and that is why we offer a cleaner that won’t harm the dry erase performance of your whiteboard. After spraying down your dry erase surface, use one of our microfiber cloths to finish off those persistent markings.

WriteyBoard truly is the whiteboard revolution. Our attention to detail from our surfaces to the little necessities has enhanced using a whiteboard into a life changing experience. Browse our full selection of dry erase board accessories and whiteboard accessories today!

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