WriteyDesk – Everyone is asleep but my head can´t stop spinning

The floor is to screak when I´m sneaking towards the bedroom in my old small town house. Tiny steps, I do not want to wake up the children in the middle of the night.

My head is spinning and my thoughts are drifting away, quotation to a school just sent, so excited now to hear back from them. Well, now it's just waiting and see. All this waiting, I almost can´t take it. The very first batch with brand new WriteyDesk were just recently shipped out to us, expecting delivery this week, don't have to tell I'm all over the place over this, right?

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Oh, don´t forget to fix what is left in the hallway, I whisper to myself. Almost six months since we moved from Stockholm, the capital, have to finish the renovating in the hallway.

The bed closes onto me like a warm cloud and my rumination passes on to dreaming. Once again, I face the dream that always comes back to me. Every old and worn out whiteboard I come across are recycled and we paint the walls, the whole walls from floor to ceiling with our WriteyBoard Dry Erase Paint. Painters are painting wall after wall in every office space in Europe. Nobody should need to have meetings without room for collaboration and creativity.


5 minutes prior to the alarm sets off, 04:40, eyes wide open, time to get going. Time to get to the office to wrap up few things, pack all what I´ll need for the presentations in Stockholm later on. I´m so excited, meetings scheduled with three new potential retailers. Don´t need to mention how amazing it would be to hit the shelves in another store, and potentially two retail store chains!

So excited.

If I just could find the time to finish the hallway as well before heading to Stockholm again. Many "to have got to" on the agenda right now but at the same time it´s thrilling. The family and I have had the opportunity to remake the house exactly the way we want and it´s getting closer to our dream house every day. Seem its turning out great.

Many things going on at this moment with WriteyBoard, which of course is fun and exciting. To have many irons in the fire gives me energy, the energy I need to keep moving when things get tough. Despite the long hours, working the Swedish market and Europe during daytime, working with WriteyBoard Corporate in the US nighttime.

I guess that this is what people call the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

I don´t know about the next guy but for me, it brings a ton of energy and I love every minute of it.

Now it's also just a matter of few weeks and I will be going to Stockholm again, this time it's time for the first ever presentations of WriteyDesk. And this during Stockholm Furniture Week of all things.

A group of companies has built a creative office space in a garage on one of the main streets in Stockholm where we will participate with WriteyDesk as a part of the interior.

We are going to introduce some innovative and creative whiteboard solutions and paint a couple of walls with Writeyboard Dry Erase Paint.

On top of it all, all visitors are going to be able to try out the two first WriteyDesks available, in all Europe.


If you want to learn more about how you as a business owner can make use of WriteyDesk in your daily operations and life, drop me an email and i will be pleased to provide you with a presentation of WriteyDesk for you to review.


WriteyBoard is for entrepreneurs who dare to think Big and to think out Loud – Let´s do this!



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