18 months of dreaming, 24 hours and the Crowdfunding reach 100% - Writeyboards journey is merely in the beginning

With only pennies in the pockets and a couple of tens of thousands on the bank, Writeyboard Europe had just financed and released a new product. Everything was set and good to go, a market with huge potential, a brand new product, an entrepreneur with passion and ambitions.

One of the greatest challenges of a growing startup is not what you think

Even when everything is on the highway to success, projects, clients, products are all on the move, you still need capital to grow. Employees cost money, advertising, buying stock to deliver on big orders are all reasons why many businesses fail. Even driving sales is a long-term investment that pays returns further down the road.

-To grow a business, and to grow fast, you need capital, says Christian Thomelius, CEO of Writeyboards Europe AB.

A post on Linkedin about crowdfunding lightened a spark in Christians mind

When you need capital to expand across all Europe, capital mainly for marketing campaigns and building stock of products to meet the raising demand, Christian stared to think about where to go. Should he travel around Scandinavia and pitch investors? However, what about the day-to-day business? It still needs focus and activity.
- One day when I updated my LinkedIn account, I saw a post about Crowdfunding on FundedByMe.com. A company had raised millions within a couple of days. They were already starting to expand on a completely new level. I said to myself, I didn´t start Writeyboard to sit back and watch other people make their dreams come true. If they can do it, I can!


Time to go! – 18 months of planning, 2 months of struggling


The road from an idea of a crowdfunding campaign to going live is longer than you might think. When you are self-employed and already works day and night it´s not easy to make time for strategical work and sharpening your business model. It took 18 months before the fundraising became reality. 18 months of thinking, planning, talking to people and juggling the business, moving in to a new house and every other thing a business owner and family man needs to get done.

-When I finally signed with Fundedbyme, I actually thought that this was going to be an easy ride to the money. Little did I know that 2 months later I would just finish working with everything from the pitch, the business model, to magnify my concept, to making sure that my retailers were prepared for the announcment. It´s been 60 painfull and hard working days but I´m proud to say that it´s made me more prepared to grow the business fast and most of all, th business, Writeyboard, is structured in a whole new way. I also made myself a new business partner and prime investor on the way, says Christian.


Boom! 24 hours was all that Writeyboard needed to raise 300k

When Fundedbyme finally released the Crowdfunding campaign, Writeyboard raised 100% of the asked capital within 24 hours. Writeyboard is still able to raise another 900.000 SEK since it´s prepared to gain 400% of asked capital.
-It all happened so fast that I thought I was dreaming. 18 months of hard work and only 24 hours to raise the asked 300.000 SEK. We are far from done and are aiming for 400% funding before the fundraising ends at 2/7-2018. At this moment, we are 180% funded which is amazing, says Christian.


Take this opportunity, invest and join the whiteboard revolution before it's too late

With less than a couple of weeks left on the fundraising Writeyboard talks to new potential investors every day. Take the chance today and be a part of the mission to help people with big ideas get into the creative space. Writeyboard is going to conquer the European market and you can be a part of it. Join the whiteboard revolution now!



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